Working with Photographs

Not only can we take photos and videos both in 2D and 360, we can also make drastic changes to any old images you may want to update.  Some photos are simply changed, others are made to appear to come to life.  This is a great enhancement to any video, when one wishing to display a persons life or events caught on traditional photo film and update it to modern standards without using a slideshow.

What can we do for your photos?

Here are several before and after images of homes that are a great example of photo manipulation.

Here is a picture of a man in his twenties, when he was a boy. You can imagine his response after watching this video of his old photograph.

Here is a young couple that had a photo taken of them when they were just engaged.

Girl on her horse.

Putting images on the wall and the TV. Image on the TV is part of a logo reveal.

Young boy for picture day.

Adding furniture to a home.