Trousered Apes Media LLC 

Come find our booth at the Northwest’s Premier Bridal Festival January 13 and 14 2018.


Come see examples of what we offer:

Traditional 2D wedding videography allows couples and family members to enjoy wedding memories that is non immersive.

Full 360 VR wedding videography allows couples and family members to not just be a distant spectator viewing memories projected on a screen, 360 VR allows individuals to stand back inside of their wedding day.  Imagine years down the road, the joy you will have stepping back in time as you stand back in your wedding.  Watch yourself give your love one your vows, turn and see children that are now all grown up.  Get the satisfaction of watching past loved ones once again as you are able to turn in any direction as if you were there again.

Bringing old photos alive by making them 3D and animating a camera through them.

We can even create and add 3D text and animations to your wedding videos though the use of motion tracking.





Scott and Kara’s Wedding



Alexandria and Justin’s Wedding Highlights

One frame from the 360 movie of this couples wedding.

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