Custom Animation

From photographs to creating something from scratch, Trousered Apes Media can animate just about anything.  What do you need animated?

My political animation.

Thought I would take the original Alien movie poster and apply it to the topic of Abortion.

This one of my own special projects.

Here is a video we created and donated to our Davenport Gorillas Cheerleading team.  This was a fun project

This was produced for wedding shows, letting clients visually see the difference between traditional 2D video and full 360 video.

American Flag.


Here is an animation created from a picture found on this builder’s website.  The 2D picture is made 3D and animated with other 3D elements.  This video shows the before and after.

This is a demonstration of partial construction process in a unique setting.

How to take a drab architectural model and turn into a stunning presentation.

Something a little different for those looking for the abstract.

An example of a builders development sign.